From FTWM to WAHM and to FTWM again!

Today is my 3rd  day of working in my new company. Well…everything goes fine. I have yet to receive any work form my new boss. My boss had asked me to go through all the basic things like company structure, the strategic plan, SOP, MOA, AOA and so on…What i have done for these three days were only READING, READING and READING!

Environment-wise, i think this company have the same condition like my previous company. All staffs are friendly and very happening. Most of them are Malay and only a one Chinese & Indian staff i have met so far. And the best thing is i am the FIRST & ONLY legal advisor in this company. Which means all legal matters and issues arises from all the departments will be forwarded to me! Hopefully i would be able to handle all those matters brought to me. Mau pecah kepala ke hape, nak tak nak kene le menjawab!

Being in a legal field, I was always forwarded with the same question everytime i introduced myself to people. Most of the people out there always have these same perceptions. Lawyers’ jobs is going to the court, solving matrimonial cases and summonses. These three MAJOR problems were always being asked to me. Lucky i still remember all those procedural things. And these people were always expecting that i can answer their question there and then! 

Apparently, legal have a lotsss of subjects and subdivison. In my previous company, i was dealing with all of the tenancies or in a legal jargon we call it as “conveyancing”. And here, i’ll be handling all matters regarding copyright, intellectual property, JV etc etc…this is TOTALLY NEW for me. But, i believe, i would be able to master the subject very soon cause i believe that this “people” and the “problems” that will be coming won’t wait for me to provide them the best solution.

Okay, enuff with all the legal things. I admit that i chosed to read law in university 10 years ago because i was very eager and interested to become the first lawyer in my family. And, alhamdulillah, i managed to went through all the learning process and exams with flying colors. And then, I managed to finish my Chambering period for 9 months and finally called to the bar or in another word officially listed as an Advocate & Solicitor of High Court of Malaya on 8th of May 2008. I am the one who chose this path. So, it happened exactly like what have been planned.

The day i was called to the bar

With colleagues from other firm

But, as time goes by, after i got married and blessed with a son, my life changed. I started to become bored with all the agreements and my works. I got this new hobby and interest which finally had changed my plan in life. I began to get involved in business and i am so lucky because i got a full support from my own husband who are already in business field since he was studying in university. He also have his own company when he was in a 3rd year of study.

Last May, I resigned from my position as a Legal Executive mainly because i wanted to focus on business and starting my life as a Work-At-Home-Mom (WAHM). I really enjoy the moment of doing a home-based business (even my business is still at the early stage and has yet to make a big profit) and at the same time taking care of my beloved son, Danish. It was a tiring job. But when we can do something that we really wanted and love to do, we won’t feel it as a burden at all! That’s the best thing about it! And that is what i was trying to tell my parents.

But, because my parents were disagree with my opinion. They insisted and asked me to look for a job, and as a daughter, i couldn’t object. I have to agree and follow what they asked me to do. I admit that i am so disappointed because i could not proceed with my plan. But, this is what i called as SACRIFICE. I sacrificed my dreams just to fulfill my parents hope. Hopefully, one fine day ALLAH swt will make my dreams come true and ease my path to become a business woman.

So, here i am! In a new company, as a Legal Advisor! One thing for sure, when i started doing the assignment given by the Senior Manager today, i do feel a bit happy and i realized that i have already accept the fact that i am a Full-Time-Working-Mom…..AGAIN!

So, kawan-kawan…meh tengok gambaq Long Call Ceremony saya dated 8/5/2008… =)!

My proud mak & abah

Officially a Lawyer – 8th of May 2008

Different kan??? =p

With Mr. Fiance..Ngeee…

We are so cute & SLIM!

With another lawyer-to-be in our family

Beloved Mak…

Beloved Abah…

Harlinda Halim! =)

p/s: nak tanye u guys semua yg baik hati…kalau u guys jadi saya, ape keputusan yg akan u guys pilih? TERUSKAN CITA-CITA or TUNAIKAN HARAPAN IBU-BAPA? Share yeh dengan saya…Sharing is caring kan..saya juz nak berkongsi rase…THANKS in advance taw korang! Mmuahs!
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