Forceful Let-Down Reflex (LDR)

Still remember my entry on Let-Down Reflex? If you have not read it, kindly read it 1st for better understanding okay! =)

Today the topic will be so much related to the LDR issue. Most of mommies out there were always talking and asking on how to encourage let-down during pumping or even while you’re direct feeding your baby…rite? But, some of us out there are facing totally the opposite of this normal scenario. While most of us are trying our hard to make sure that we will be getting let-down while pumping/nursing our baby, those mommies are dealing with different problem called FORCEFUL LET-DOWN.

Okay, maybe some of us do not understand, why should we be worried if we are able to let-down during pumping session or nursing our baby rite? In order to make it simple & understandable for u guys, juz remember like this :
Poor/Inhibited/Delayed/Slow Let-Down = Milk Supply Decrease
Forceful Let-Down = Oversupply/Engorgement
It means like this, if the milk does not let-down, then the breast will not be adequately drained, more milk will not be made, and thus the supply will be affected. This is because poor let-down will suppress breast milk production because less milk will be removed from the breast, so less milk will be made.
Whereas, forceful let-down is often associated with oversupply or engorgement issues. This is because when the mother have a plenty/abundant of milk, she will have to remove it frequently from the breast in order to avoid the breast from engorging. When the milk is too full in ones’ breast, the ejection of milk will become overactive and thus it will cause forceful let-down to happen when she pump out the milk or during direct-feeding session.
Hmmm….slow pon susah, laju pon susah kan? Uols must be wondering kan…how do we know whether our milk supply is slow or too fast? Okay, boleh cekidout kat bawah  nie:
1) Your baby chokes, gag, gulp, gasp or cough while nursing. *Normally kite dengar berita baby tersedak kalau minum susu botol kan. But this one, baby tersedak time direct feed*
2) Your baby suddenly pull-off the breast often while nursing. *Everytime kite nak feed je, die akan nyusu, but when there is let-down, die akan stop*

3) Your baby spit-up or vomitting.
4) Your baby tend to be very gassy. This happen because the baby may swallow air and consume too much foremilk in proportion to hindmilk. When baby fills up on the watery foremilk, he may get a stomachache from the combination of filling the tummy too fast, swallowing air to keep up with the let-down and the laxative effect of a large quantity of lactose (milk sugar).

5) Make a clicking sound while nursing such as “chup, chup, chup”…*Owh, so tension if he do like that okay!*

6) Clamp-down on the nipple trying to slow down the flow of the milk.

7) Periodicaly refuse to nurse. Some babies are so upset by the forceful spray of milk that they refuse the breast and go on a nursing strike.

8) Dislike comfort nursing

So, check balik okay. Of courselah,it will be a problem kan? So, in order to solve the problem, try to do one of these or maybe u will have to apply all the following solutions:

1) Help the baby deal with the fast flow. You can refer HERE for further details.

2) Position the baby so that she/he breastfeeding “uphill”.  This LINK will help you to understand about this in details. So, you can just read from there.

3) Adjust your supply to better match your baby’s needs. Kindly refer to this article okay.

Actually, there a lot more articles which discussed on this issue in depth. But because it has been discussed in a very lengthy articles, i only put a summary of all facts that i have read. If not, this entry will not serve it purpose as all of you won’t have much time to finish reading it… =)

Major sources : 

Additional sources:
 …and a lot more websites which i forgot to save the links! =p

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