Week-23 of My Danish’s Development

Source from : Parenting Weekly 

Noise Shakers & Noise Makers

My little noise maker is filling my home with the crash of toys, squeals of delight, and wails of frustration if he finds he can’t do or reach something… Ku Muhd. Danish is nothing if not vocally expressive these days. 

Toys that make noise are a big hit!

Ku Muhd. Danish is learning to play, and playing to learn. Ku Muhd. Danish loves noise at this stage – not just the noises he can make himself, but also the noises he can make with objects as he learns to manipulate his environment. Ku Muhd. Danish may shake his rattle, and hit it against a hard surface to see if it makes a different sound. He will probably be most pleased with the object that produces the loudest noise possible. Just remember, this too shall pass!

Additional Info….
Your little one may be finally rolling over from back to front. When this new skill is mastered, you may find yourself waking up in the morning to find your baby, who fell asleep on his back, sleeping on his tummy. Many parents worry about this because of the fear of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS). Fortunately, experts agree that the risk of SIDS decreases once a baby can roll over because at that point they are better able to protect themselves. 
Your baby is probably learning to sit better and longer without your assistance. He may sit supported for up to 30 minutes, and unsupported for several moments. He may not be able to quite pull himself into a sitting position, but will be able to support himself if you seat him on the floor. But stay close by. Your baby will be a bit wobbly still and may slump forward without warning. 
The next step: crawling!

DJ Danish in da’ Houseee….. =)!

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