My Breastpumpsss

My 1st BP was Tollyjoy brand. It is battery operated BP. I bought it when i was 9 months preggy. At that time i really dunno what type of BP I should buy. I bought this BP for RM100++. I’ve only use it not more than 10 times. Because it is quite tedious to use it as there are a lot of small2 things to assemble before i could really start my pumping practice. Plus, dissambeling the parts was another tiring job!  Spectra3 (“s3”) is my 2nd breastpump (“BP”) that i bought after i’ve fully made up my mind that i’m gonna breastfeed my son. I bought it from for RM590++. That was exclusive of other pumping accessories that i bought after a few weeks of learning and gettting use to this my beloved BP. Yea…pumping is a learning process…process of adjusting your breast and the whole body to familiarize with the pumping routine that you’ve been practised during your confinement period. You will face a lot of problems here n’ there before you can really master the “art of pumping”!(for want of a better word i would say..hehehe). We’ll talk about this so called “art of pumping” in details in another post kay!

Okay…i was so obsessed with all these pumping accessories, breastfeeding gadjets and generally babies stuff…almost 24 hours i would surf the Internet while nursing my baby to look up for BF stuff…i found a lot of on9 shop selling nursing/babies items. After researching for quite sometimes, i feel the need to get another breastpump. At this point of time, i was still thinking, whether i should by a BP which has the same features and durability like my beloved s3 or merely a manual pump which i can use while sending my s3 for service in the future…

N thats it! U know what guys? I bought another BP! Hehehe…after “berkira-berkira” for 2-3 days, i’ve made up my mind to buy this wonderful manual BP…(actually i’ve fall in love for the very 1st time i saw it!)… MEDELA HARMONY..this BP was so much a help when i used it during my tandem pumping session…u might want to read the review here. search for BP doesn’t stop at Harmony…i dunno why..i somehow still have this unsatisfied feeling even i’ve already have these two wonderful BPs. I could not hold myself from buying another one…and w/out getting my hubby’s approval, i bought another spectra called “ispectra”…i arranged all my BP and was surprised that i’ve already have FOUR BP!!! I’ll be a dead meat if my hubby got to know about this. But i do admit that for this time, buying ispectra was only out of “suke-suke” rather than having an intention to use it religiously… 

I stopped spending my money extravagantly after i bought this BP. Suddenly insaf and start getting back to work has made me become a busy woman again. I continue my life as working-and-pumping mom…

And guys….i think i should stop spending money on something that i dun want to fully utilized…hence….for the very last time, i told myself..”inda…stop being extravagant…u will never know one day u will a have to use ur saving for something more important…” Okay…i admit that..i was so “boros” and will end it ONLY after i buy my dream BP…

Hence, on 3/11/2009 i am officially called a “Freestyler”…I’ve already achieve my ultimate goal of searching the best BP –> to become a “freestyle-pumpin-mom”…At last…i found my true pumping-pal!!! =) Yeay! 

 Ini saya punye! Beli dari Kak Aja! 😉

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