Fever, Ulcer and Viral Infection

Hello friends…

Last week was a very tough week for me. Danish my lil’ baby got sick for the whole week…he got these kind of viral infection and the worst thing is the ulcer in his mouth. He did not want to eat and even drink the EBM from the bottle. He only drinks from his sippy cup and when he’s with me, he will directly nurse like nobody business. Very very poor my lil baby…i was sooo pressure and really feel sorry for him….
At the end of the week, i was suddenly sick. I got high fever and viral infection in my throat. Must got that from my baby coz i kept kissing him when he was sick. I don’t really mind because at least i also could feel what he feels. I really really wanna share the sickness with him and hoping that ALLAH swt will lessen whatever pain he is suffering from.

During the weekends, we went back to my hometown to attend my cousin’s wedding. I was still sick and for the sake of keeping my promise to my mom, i insisted to go back. Don’t care lah even i wouldn’t be able to attend the wedding…as long as i go back, my mom will be very happy…that’s is my main concern…

I was still sick until Sunday. But almost fully recovered. And of course that is not so important for me…what cares me the most is my baby has already recovered from his fever. But his ulcer is still there…so, i kept treating him with the oral medicines prescribed by the paed. Alhamdulillah, on Sunday he can eat already. I presumed that his ulcer is getting okay and he does not feel pain to swallow the foods. Alhamdulillah….
For those who ordered and have already made the payment for Medela Harmony Breastpump, i would like to apologize for the delay of sending it to you guys…I am truly sorry for not sending it last week since i was on leave to look after my baby and don’t even got any chance to make an arrangement for delivery. Will expedite the delivery by this week k….

At last…i feel relieve! Fewwww……

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