Danish & Bronchitis (Part 2)

Hello peeps! Meh nak continue the story on Danish…

In the previous entry i had already told you guys kan about Danish has to be admitted to the hospital because he cannot be treated on an outpatient basis at the clinic. He was admitted to Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital on 20/5 after the doctor confirmed that his lung was infected & he might need a specific treatment for the infection as well as for the wheezing in his chest.  After the doctor gave us the referral letter,we straight away went back home to pack  all the necessary stuffs and to settle some important things before we proceed to the hospital.

Since it was on Friday, hubby went out for a Jumaat prayer 1st. So, while waiting for hubby to pick us up, i took a nap for about 1/2 hour because i was damn tired! For that whole week i didn’t get enuff sleep & rest since Danish was so fussy & cranky. I know that he also didn’t get enuff sleep at night since he got a severe cough and to the extent when he can’t stop the coughing, he threw up on the bed! Just imagine that i had to wake up in the middle of the night to change his pajamas and the bed sheet for almost 4-5 times! Poor my lil’ baby…most of the time i feel like crying because i was so sad & worried looking at his condition. Just imagine that little human with such a little body have to go through such a condition…huk huk huk….so kesian lah! 🙁

We made a move from home at 3.00pm & reached Ampang Puteri around 3.30pm because it was raining heavily that evening & the traffic was sooo congested with vehicles. Eventhough the journey from our home to the hospital should only take about 10 minutes time, because of the traffic jam, we only reached there after 1/2 an hour. We straight away go to the emergency department since Danish’s body temperature was suddenly very hot and he look very weak. The doctor at the emergency section run some tests on him and confirmed that from his chest x-ray’s, his bronchi was infected and there is a swelling & inflammation in his air passages. They confirmed the diagnosis and it was actually not a pneumonia but bronchitis pulmonary.

After we’ve been waiting for about 20 minutes at the emergency section & settled every procedures needed, the hospital attendant brought us to the ward. In the ward, Danish was given a glucose drip, antibiotic, cough syrup & etc etc. The worst thing was when the nurse injected him with something (i also dunno what the hell the medicine was) and right after he was injected, he was writhing and squirmed his body as if he was suffering from an unbearable pain! He was shaking convulsively for about 5 minutes! After that 5 minutes, when the effect of that drug has already gone, he started to cry and hug me like no body business! Me & hubby were also so shocked but we can’t do nothing except to comfort him and we brought him to the play area to make him stop crying. Sangat benci dan sedih dengan keadaan tersebut… 🙁

I could not sleep very well when i was at the hospital because i was so terribly worried. More over, every 4 hours, the nurse will come and gave him the gas (nebulizer). Luckily he was not too cranky and he also could sleep soundly at night. It was a bit relieve for me to see him sleeping like that without coughing & vomitting thru’ out the whole night.

After 2 days of being in the ward, Danish condition showed some improvement. He did not cough so much and also he did not throw up while sleeping. So, Danish was discharged from the hospital on Sunday and for that whole week, my parents stayed at my home and looked after him. I was quite reluctant to send him to his daycare since i thought it is better for him to be quarantined for that whole week, just to make sure he will fully recovered from the infection. I really don’t want Danish to be admitted again and hopefully the infection will not reoccur in the future.

As I’ve promised earlier, i will provide u guys with some infos relating to bronchitis & also some other types of lung infections which usually occurred among children. You can click at the following links to read more about it :-

1) http://www.drugs.com/cg/acute-bronchitis-in-children.html

2) http://www.ehow.com/about_5402894_difference-between-pneumonia-bronchitis.html

3) http://naturalrehabilitation.blogspot.com/2008/02/knowing-difference-between-bronchitis.html

4) http://www.chemocare.com/managing/bronchitis.asp

5) http://www.ehow.com/how_4588304_bronchitis-symptoms-treatment-children.html

Okay kawan-kawan…kalau tak puas hati lagi dengan links sources kat atas nun, juz google sajek. U’ll find a lot of infos regarding this issue kay! Meh tengok pikchas Danish kat ward arituh… ;)!

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