What, how, when & where???

Hello mommies, friends, readers….

To be honest, at this time and moment, i feel so stuck with my works. I dunno where to start, how to start and what should i do about it. I really can’t find a way on how to settle all the issues raised to me…i forced myself to resolve everything and trying my best to sort out and finish up everything that is top urgent before someone call and ask me every single thing about it. My works sucks my life! I hate to say it…but it’s damn true!

Actually, i’ve already made my mind to quit from my job last month. When i was about to tender my resignation letter, my boss’ secretary, Kak Zaity tendered before me. I was so surprised that she wanted to leave this company. It was unexpected since she seemed fine with her condition and job here. But, no one knows that she apparently could not stand with my boss’ attitude already. She had a lot and sick of being disrespected. She is going to become a Stay-At-Home-Mom finally. Looking after her kids and elderly.

I was like a bit happy knowing that there’s other people who has the same feeling and opinion like me. It’s not that i dun like my boss. I am so eager to quit from my job just because i wanted to run my business FULL-TIME and to become a WAHM. I am so fed up working with other people. Getting orders and instructions, being chased by all these wackos everyday, drafting this, drafting that and bla bla bla….What a BORING and STATIC life! Some more what i earn does not satisfy my needs. I want to earn more so that i can spend more! Muehehehe…Normal la tuh kan? That’s what we call LIFE.

Last but not least, i really hope that ALLAH swt will make my path easier. So that all this hesitation in my mind will go away…Will keep on praying…seeking for His guidance…AMIN….

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