Pumping Schedule at Office

My 1st session @ 9.30 in the morning!

This is my Pumping Schedule during office hours :-

~ 1st session –> 9.30 am (6oz to 8.5oz)

~ 2nd session –> 12.00 pm (5oz)

~ 3rd session –> 2.30 pm (4oz)

~ 4th session –> 5.00 pm (6oz)

 I’m double-pumping for 20-minutes per session and will make sure that i will pump for every 2-hours or 2 1/2-hours.

8 oz per session

Hence, total i would be able to collect about 18oz to 21oz (maximum) during work time. Since i’m pumping with hands-free kit, it does not affect my work productivity at all okay! (KPI still achieved/complied with!). Pumping and drafting agreements are now have equal priority…hehehe..

In addition to that, juz to remind all my kawan-kawan…please make sure that u will be pumping for at least 3-times during office hours in order to maintain your milk supply. The decrease of pumping routine will definitely affect the production of ur milk supply…

Due to time constraint, you might have to cut your pumping time to only 10-minutes per session…it is totally fine as long as you stick with your pumping schedule. What is important is the breast milk is being removed for at least 3-hours (longest interval). The frequency of pumping is much more important (even for shorter period like 10-minutes only) rather than pumping for only 1 or 2 times per day even you’re pumping for half an hour per session!

Happy pumping mommies! =)

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