How to encourage a let-down

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I found this article from my readings on a Let Down Reflex (LDR) topic and i think it will be a good source of information for me to share with u all. Cam biase, i’ll put in some of my comments at the end of every paragraph juz to make it easier for u guys to understand mcm la saya ni pandai sgt nak memahamkan org ye!Okie we go…..

This is a summary of suggestions for encouraging a letdown when

** Relax (take several deep breaths and, if you know any relaxation,or
meditation techniques, use them. Prop up a picture of your baby in
front of you and stroke your breast, toward the nipple. Sounds silly,
I know, but it works. (The relaxation is the big part, the rest is
probably just dressing).*This is ABSOLUTELY true! Relax is very CRUCIAL ya during ur pumping session. Kalau resah gelisah & tak rileks, susu jadi terbantut nak kuar!*

** Look at a picture of your child, think about the child actually
nursing and the milk began to flow. In fact I was pumping enough milk
for her for the next day and even had some to freeze.*Ya betul!!! This method works wonders on me! Amazingly each n everytime i picture my baby in my mind or i look at the photo of him while i’m pumping, the milk will flow dengan bestnyeeeee….*

** Bring in a picture of a child and a cassette recording of her
crying and such. When you are having a hard time letting down, look
at the picture, play the tape, and think about your child.*Zaman skang org x pakai tape cassette dah…so, gunekan lah kecanggihan teknologi enset anda ye…record ur baby punye voice either laughing or crying. Mane2 la yg akan membuatkan anda rase tenang and happy. Jangan la plak dengar suara baby anda menangis kalau ianya buat anda lagi pressure laks! =p* 

** If your baby smells a particular way sometimes you can use that to
trigger let down too (like baby powder or something).* yg paling sy suke! Bwk napkin, baju or brg2 Danish yg ada bau die yg bucuk masyam tuh gi opis! Gile tenang & happy! Rase cam nak terbang la plak balik umah gi peluk2 n cium die!!!*

** It is REALLY hard to get the let down reflex at work especially if,
like me, you have to pump in the restroom – frustrating! If there is
a private office with a door that locks (so you can relax and not
worry about “company” dropping in) use it!*For those yg x dapek nak pump at ur own workstation disebabkan ianya terlalu terbuka, maybe kena gi somewhere else like surau or store room to pump. Tp jgn amik ni sbg satu masalah or halangan utk anda mengepam dgn tenang dan gumbira. Carik solution terbaik utk anda dapatkan satu suasana yg POSITIF, SELESA & TENANG utk mengepam. Bawa magz spt PA&MA etc sbg bahan bacaan or ape2 je aktiviti ringan dan gedik santai yg boleh buat anda rase selesa kay…*

** Nipple stimulation (twirling them between my finger and thumb)
until the letdown came. Or, if you have a one handed pump like the
Avent manual model, do the nipple stimulation on one side while you
pump the other. It may take several minutes at first but with practice
the response gets faster.*Betul3! Hehehe…stimulate ur nipple can encourage let-down! And even in some cases, nipple stimulation dilakukan untuk increase milk production. Caranye, rajin2 kan la tangan anda tu utk menggentel nipple setiap setengah jam sekali selama satu minit. Ini kerana rangsangan kepada nipple akan merembeskan hormon oxytocin yg mana hormon ini berfungsi untuk menghantar signal kepada otak utk menghasilkan susu. Cubelah…anda mesti teruja! =)!*

** pump at regular times (every day or every work-day). Whenever I
take week vacations or somesuch, I have a harder time when I return to
regular pumping.*For pumping & working mommies, please bear in ur mind, this is of paramount important for you to do –> STICK TO UR PUMPING SCHEDULE!!!! Jgn pump suka-suka ati tak ikut time. Rasionalnye, if kite pump ikut jadual, kite menghantar signal kpd badan dan otak utk produce susu pd masa yg ditetapkan.Dan bile badan dan otak dah terima that signal, badan dan otak akan produce susu pd kadar yg banyak pd waktu yg kite selalu pump tu. That’s why it is sooooo important to pump at a regular times kay!*

** be sure to sit in a comfortable chair.*Oh c’mon guys..i’ve told you this for like 100 times! SELESA is so importante while u’re pumping. MAKE SURE u’re comfortable enuff during ur pumping session ya…*

** warmth. It’s always easy for me to pump after a warm shower (it’s
hard to stop from leaking, sometimes!). If not available (e.g. at
work), try warm washcloths on the breasts.*This method akan MELANCARKAN pengaliran susu. Tp sy selalu buat di rumah je. Kat opis jarang, kecuali dlm keadaan2 tertentu…*

** I eventually learned that if I pushed along the sides of my breasts
I could sort of make the milk squirt out and was eventually able to
get 3 oz or so most times after about 15-20 min of work.*This one means u need to massage ur breast before u start ur pumping session. It will also help to make the milk flow smoothly.*

** My suggestion to you would be to rent the Medela electric pump for
awhile. use it at work, if you can, or at least at home so that you
can get the feel for it.*No need to rent la…beli je terusss…hehehe…x leh pakai tol advice saya nie eh! What i means is –> Invest in a good double pump. Nak sewa2 pon mcm x brp nk syok le plak kan…*

** I found that I had to use visualization techniques to let down.
Early, for the first 2-3 months of pumping, I could just visualize my
son when he was a very young baby with his little mouth working away.
As he got bigger, I had to guilt trip myself. I would visualize the
alternative – him drinking formula from a bottle and that would lead
to very large collections – I hate the smell of formula.*POWER OF VISUALIZATION! Anda semua akan rasa betapa hebatnye kuasa visualization ni semasa and mengepam…bkn utk pumping je, malah ianya sgt hebat diaplikasikan dlm HIDUP anda seharian! Percayalah….* 


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